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About Canadian Solar Quotes

Canadian Solar Quotes is your online solar broker to help sift through the negligible and unreliable installation companies.

We help Canadians go solar with confidence.


Why Do We Exist?

Canadian Solar Quotes exist because there is a real issue with the current state of the solar industry.

We aim to put an end to the misinformation and scams throughout Canada by shining light on the reputable solar companies that get overshadowed by the rotten eggs.

The Values At Our Core


When Canadian Solar Quotes was created, we did so with 4 core values that define how we do business.


Accountability around every process and action we make.


Helping Canada's solar industry develop through reliable information.


Honest and truthful information in every conversation.


You can count on these values in every interaction.

Over 8 years experience and 5MW of solar projects in Canada

Why Trust What We Have To Say?

We’re on your side. Every bad experience with a solar company leads to an untrusting solar industry for all Canadians.

After hearing ones horror story after another, from unresponsive companies or systems that always have issues (or just don’t generate power) – we’re sick of it.

Canadian Solar Quotes is our stand against misinformation in the Canadian solar industry.

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